Private Investments for

Individual Investors

Alternative Fund Advisors strives to provide best-in-class private investment strategies to financial advisors and their clients

The Case for Private Investments

Investments in private assets may offer investors attractive returns on a risk-adjusted as well as absolute basis. Compared to public securities, their volatility tends to be lower, they generally have lower correlation to public markets, and their returns may be enhanced by a liquidity premium.

Convenient Access

Private investments have traditionally been accessible only to institutional investors and accredited individual investors. While private investment allocations are growing among institutional investors, they are largely absent in the portfolios of individual investors.

Interval Funds are an innovative type of mutual fund that lets investors access private investments with greater convenience and transparency than traditional limited partnerships.

Investment Managers

Alternative Fund Advisors (AFA) intends to offer a family of interval funds that provide access to the broad spectrum of private investments, including private equity, private credit, private real estate, and unconventional alternative assets.

Each AFA Fund will be sub-advised by one or more experienced managers with specialized asset class expertise and a unique ability to source and evaluate attractive investment opportunites.




Private investments may be an attractive component of investor portfolios:

  • Alternative sources
    of return

  • Modest correlation to public markets

  • Diversification

  • Lower volatility




Interval funds are an investor-friendly fund structure for accessing private investments:

  • Similar to traditional mutual funds

  • Redemptions are generally at quarterly or annual intervals

  • Registered with the SEC and supervised by an independent board




AFA Funds will be managed by carefully selected sub-advisors:

  • Specialists in their asset class

  • Unique ability to source attractive investments

  • Demonstrated track record of excellence